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Tour - St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

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A general view from the back of the church. A closer view of the front of the church interior (with from left to right) the font, the pulpit (with above, the Presbyterian logo and motto, the Burning Bush and Ardens sed Virens [burning but flourishing], and below the communion table) and lectern. The lectern with the Bible which is central to all worship.  In fact worship always commences with the congregation standing as the Bible is being carried in and opened.  Only then does the minister enter.  The congregation may remain standing for him/her but not necessarily so. Presbyterians only observe two sacraments.  The first of these is baptism, hence the importance of the font. The second sacrament is that of the Lord's Supper.  Presbyterians may, but do not usually, use the Common Cup, because since the late 19th century, they do not normally use unfermented wine.

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